Australia Review Australia Review in 2024 has established itself as a significant player in the Australian cryptocurrency market, providing you with a versatile platform to engage with digital assets.

This platform extends services ranging from trading and investing to the convenience of using a Visa Card in Australia.

Offering an ecosystem that caters to diverse crypto needs enables you to buy, sell, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

As you navigate the crypto landscape, supports your journey through a user-friendly app, a dedicated exchange, and various top-up features for your Visa card.

In Australia, the option to top up your card using credit and debit cards can be particularly beneficial, enhancing the fluidity between traditional fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

With competitive fees and user-centric services, the platform is tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

With robust security measures, ensures that your foray into cryptocurrencies is guarded against the prevalent risks associated with digital assets.

The platform emphasizes compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, a testament to its commitment to maintaining the integrity and safety of your transactions.

Whether you are looking to invest, trade, or use cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases, offers a comprehensive solution that aligns with the evolving digital economy in Australia. Product Offerings [Futures, Spot, Options, Staking, NFTs, etc.]

crypto com

With, you can access an expansive suite of cryptocurrency products tailored to meet various trading and investment needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, the platform’s user-friendly features allow you to navigate the crypto space seamlessly.

  • Spot Trading: You can instantly buy and sell a wide array of cryptocurrencies at current market prices, giving you the power to react swiftly to market movements.
  • Futures: Engage with the market at a more advanced level through futures contracts. These agreements enable you to buy or sell assets at predetermined prices on a future date, allowing for strategic, long-term planning.
  • Options: For a more flexible trading strategy, offers options contracts. These give you the choice, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at an agreed-upon price before a specified expiration date.
  • Staking: Increase your digital assets by staking your cryptocurrencies. Participating in the network secures and verifies transactions, and in return, you earn rewards, contributing to the strength and stability of the blockchain.
  • NFTs: Dive into digital collectibles with’s NFT marketplace. Here, you can discover, buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets, ensuring your collection is as diverse as the market.

Leverage these offerings to customize your investment approach and enhance your crypto experience. Supported Coin List

crypto com supported coins offers a robust selection of cryptocurrencies for trading and investment. Here, you can access various popular tokens widely recognized in the crypto market.

A glance at the listing will reveal major cryptocurrencies and their respective ticker symbols for your reference:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): The first and most well-known cryptocurrency, established in 2009.
  • Ethereum (ETH): A leading decentralized application platform featuring intelligent contracts.
  • Cronos (CRO): The native token of the chain, facilitating transactions and rewards within the platform.

Apart from these,’s platform includes numerous other coins and tokens, ensuring that you have a wide range of investment options.

The platform’s interface makes it easy to trade various cryptocurrencies efficiently. Here is a summarization of additional supported coins:

Name Ticker Launch Year
Litecoin LTC 2011
EOS Token EOS 2017
Cosmos Coin ATOM 2019
Polkadot Coin DOT 2020

To view the complete list of supported cryptocurrencies, which may be updated regularly, you should check the Trade section within the App.

It is important to note that the availability of specific cryptocurrencies may vary based on your location and the particular regulations that apply there. Order Types

When trading on, you have access to a spectrum of order types designed to suit various trading strategies:

  • Market Orders: This type instantly executes your trade at the best available current market price.
  • Limit Orders: For greater control, place a limit order to set the maximum or minimum price you are willing to buy or sell.
  • Stop-Limit Orders: Combine the features of stop orders and limit orders. Setting a stop price triggers the limit order only when the market touches your specified price.

It’s essential to understand how each order type operates:

  1. Market Orders

    • Execution: Immediate
    • Price: Current market price
    • Usage: Best for quick entry or exit.
  2. Limit Orders

    • Execution: When the market reaches your set price
    • Price: You determine
    • Usage: Ideal for specific entry points.
  3. Stop-Limit Orders

    • Execution: Limit order is placed after stop price is hit
    • Stop Price: Your specified trigger
    • Usage: Effective for risk management.

In your trading venture on, these order types are crucial in managing your entry and exit points in the market, allowing you to strategize according to your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Use market orders for speedy transactions, limit orders to define your price, and stop-limit orders to safeguard against significant losses. Choosing the correct order type is pivotal for optimizing your trading experience.’s Liquidation Mechanism integrates a comprehensive liquidation process to safeguard your investments during margin trading activities. This procedure is activated to preclude the potential of negative balances in accounts due to sudden price fluctuations in the market.

Critical Aspects of the Liquidation Mechanism:

  • Insurance Fund: To protect against exceptional losses from liquidations, an Insurance Fund is utilized.
  • Socialized Loss Mechanism: If the Insurance Fund cannot cover losses, remaining deficits are distributed among profitable traders at the end of the session.

Forced Liquidation Triggers:

  • Loan expiry or when a loan’s Loan-to-Value (LTV) hits the forced liquidation threshold.

  • Example: Should you hold 1,000,000 long CROUSD-PERP contracts, and the market price falls below your estimated liquidation price, forced liquidation commences.

What Happens Next:

  1. Your collateral is liquidated to settle the loan entirely.
  2. Any excess from the liquidation is returned to your Exchange Wallet.
  3. A Liquidation Fee is charged to execute the necessary orders for liquidation.

Monitoring your margin account’s maintenance levels is crucial to avoiding unexpected liquidations and managing risks effectively. The liquidation mechanism is just one facet of’s strategies, enabling you to trade with greater confidence and control. Trading Fees

crypto com trading fees

When trading on the platform, you’ll encounter a fee structure that balances involvement with affordability. The fees are competitive within the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Spot Trading Fees are tiered based on your 30-day trading volume, with Maker and Taker fees scaling accordingly. For an initial trading volume of up to $250,000, here are the typical fees:

  • Maker Fee: This is paid when you add liquidity to the market. A standard starting rate is around 0.1%.
  • Taker Fee: This occurs when you remove liquidity from the market by filling an order that’s already listed. The starting rate is often close to 0.16%.

Deposit Fees

  • Credit Card Deposits: Around a 2% fee applies.
  • Apple Pay Deposits: Typically incurs a 2% fee.

Cryptocurrency Deposits

  • Pay deposits can include a fee of approximately 3.99%, plus network fees.

Other Fees

  • For higher volumes, discounts may apply, potentially reducing the fees significantly.
  • Derivative trading also incorporates different fee structures, with the possibility of 0% maker fees and rebates, depending on your activity and the amount of CRO staked on the Exchange.

Remember, these rates may vary as they’re reviewed periodically to the changing market. By engaging on the platform, you’re advised to stay informed of the current fee schedule. Funding Rates/Fees

When you engage in futures trading on, funding rates are integral. These are essentially payments exchanged between buyers (long positions) and sellers (short positions) that help ensure future prices are tethered to spot market prices over time.

The funding rate typically consists of two main components:

  1. Interest Rate: Reflects the borrowing costs within the financial market, usually a fixed value.
  2. Premium Index: Captures the difference between perpetual futures and spot market prices.

These funding rates are not static; they change periodically. This dynamic adjustment is a mechanism designed to maintain market equilibrium.

Here’s a brief look at the Visa card fees and limits applicable in Australia:

Card Tier Free ATM Withdrawal Limit (Monthly)
Midnight Blue A$200
Ruby Steel A$400
Royal Indigo/Jade Green A$800
Icy White/Rose Gold A$1,000
Obsidian A$1,000

Additional fees include:

  • Deposit Fees: A 2% fee for credit card deposits and slightly higher fees for other specific deposit methods.
  • Trading Fees: Range from 0.04% to 0.16%, which can vary based on your 30-day trading volume, with maker and taker fees applying depending on the order type.

Trading on also offers discounted fees with the lock-up of their native token, CRO, on the exchange. Exchangen grants you benefits such as 0% maker fees or maker fee exchange.

Staying informed about the fee structure is essential, as this can impact your trading and investment strategy. Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

When managing your funds on in Australia, you’ll encounter different fee structures for deposits and withdrawals.

For your convenience, most deposit methods on do not attract any fees. This allows you to transfer funds into your account with ease.

  • Bank Transfers: Free of charge
  • Crypto Transfers: Free for specific types, though network fees may apply
  • Credit/Debit Cards: A 2.99% transaction fee is applied

Remember, no fees are levied when depositing fiat currency using PayID/Osko.


The withdrawal process may incur varying fees, particularly for cryptocurrency. These fees reflect the network charges during the transaction period and the specific cryptocurrency you choose to withdraw.

  • Bank Transfers: Variable fees that align with what is determined by your bank’s policies.
  • Cryptocurrency: Fees depend on the coin and network congestion at the withdrawal time.

Table: Example of Crypto Withdrawal Fee Structure (not exhaustive)

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Fee
Bitcoin (BTC) Varied
Ethereum (ETH) Varied
Ripple (XRP) Varied

Always review the current fee schedule on the website or app, as these fees can fluctuate due to changing network conditions. You must know these potential costs when planning your transactions to manage your funds effectively on the platform. Account Types & KYC Tiers & Limits

When you join, you’ll find various account types to suit your transaction needs.

Starting, you’ll be prompted to undergo the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process, a standard compliance measure across financial platforms, especially in cryptocurrency.

KYC Tiers:

  • Primary Verification: This initial tier requires you to provide minimal personal details, such as your full legal name and date of birth. It offers limited access to services and caps your transaction limits at lower levels as a starting point for new users.

  • Advanced Verification: To unlock higher limits for deposits and withdrawals, you must progress to advanced verification tiers. These require additional documents, typically a government-issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license.

Transaction Limits for Australia (Including New Zealand Residents):

KYC Level Daily Limit (AUD) Monthly Limit (AUD)
Basic Determined upon verification Determined upon verification
Advanced 30,000 30,000

Please note that the daily limit includes all card transactions and ATM withdrawals. It’s essential to provide accurate and up-to-date information to maintain the integrity of your account and facilitate smooth transactions.

As your activities on grow, ensuring your account is verified to the appropriate tier will allow you to maximize the benefits and features offered by the platform. Take the time to review your needs and update your KYC status accordingly. Trading Platform & Tools

crypto com trading caters to your trading needs with a platform that supports novice and expert traders. The interface is crisp and straightforward, enabling you to navigate various features easily.

You have access to advanced charting tools essential for analyzing market trends and making informed trading decisions.

Mobile App:
The availability of a mobile app means that you can trade and monitor your portfolio anytime, anywhere. This flexibility ensures you’re not tethered to a desktop and can respond quickly to market changes.


  • Recurring Buys: Automate your cryptocurrency purchases at your preferred frequency.
  • Staking: Enhance the value of your holdings by earning rewards through staking.
  • Insurance Coverage: Trade with peace of mind, knowing your digital assets are protected.
  • DeFi Wallet: A separate wallet for decentralized finance activities.
  • Visa Card: Spend your cryptocurrency earnings with a Visa card accepted worldwide.

Trading Instruments:

  • Spot Trading: Trade a variety of cryptocurrencies directly.
  • Derivatives: Access crypto derivatives for advanced trading strategies.

The platform’s commitment to security is evident with regulatory compliance and insurance coverage, making it a reliable choice for managing and trading cryptocurrency assets. You also benefit from the perks offered, leading to a more rewarding trading experience. Insurance Fund

An Insurance Fund safeguards your assets on This fund is a protective mechanism, primarily targeting instances where users’ wallet balances fall below zero after all forced liquidations.

In such a shortfall, the Insurance Fund steps in to cover the losses, ensuring the impact on users is mitigated.

Here’s how the Insurance Fund operates:

  • Purpose: To cover losses from traders in cases of inadequate wallet balances post-liquidation.
  • Liquidation fees collected by fund it.

An example of this security measure is the reported expansion of’s insurance coverage.

On 6 September 2021, the platform significantly increased its total insurance coverage, aiming to be one of the industry’s largest at USD 750 million. Arch Underwriting spearheaded this expansion at Lloyd’s Syndicate in 2012.

What does this mean for you?

  • Your trades on come with an additional layer of financial security.
  • Should the market take an unexpected turn, resulting in extensive forced liquidations, the Insurance Fund is in place to absorb the impact.

It’s important to understand that while the Insurance Fund provides protection, following best practices in managing your crypto assets on the platform is also prudent.

Be aware of market risks and know that the Insurance Fund is one of many tools uses to maintain a secure trading environment. Deposit Methods

Several deposit methods are available when you’re looking to fund your account in Australia. These options are designed to provide you with convenience and flexibility.

  • Bank Transfers: You can use your online banking app or portal to transfer funds from your bank account to your account using PayID. This simple and secure option connects directly with your financial institution.

  • Credit Card Deposits: If you prefer using a credit card, allows you to deposit funds with a 2% fee applied. It’s a fast way to add funds, though the cost associated with this method is worth noting.

  • Cryptocurrency Deposits: If you already own cryptocurrencies, you can deposit them into your account. This method involves transferring your digital assets directly to your wallet.

Here’s a summary for your reference:

Method Fee Speed Convenience
Bank Transfer (PayID) None Specified Fast High
Credit Card 2% fee Instant Medium
Crypto Deposits Network fees Depends on network High

Remember, for each method, there might be different limits and frequencies of load that are permitted. It’s essential to stay informed about these details to ensure smooth transactions. Ensure you follow the app’s on-screen instructions to complete your deposit method. Security Features

When using, the security of your digital assets is a top priority. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a standard requirement to access your account, adding an extra layer of security beyond just a password. Here’s how ensures the safety of your investments:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication:

    • Essential for account access
    • Includes email, phone verification, and authentication applications
  • Cold Storage:

    • A significant majority of funds are stored offline
    • Dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized access and hacking

The platform operates with a dedicated security team that is constantly vigilant and monitoring for any suspicious activity. Regular audits are conducted to ensure that security measures are up-to-date and effective.

Regular Security Audits:

  • Continual checks and balances
  • Guarantee systems are secure to industry standards has established a robust security infrastructure, acknowledged for its reliability and effectiveness, making it one of the highest-rated safety systems within the crypto exchange landscape.

Your digital assets are handled with the utmost care and protection, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrency with peace of mind. Proof Of Reserves, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has implemented a transparent proof-of-reserve system. As a user, you can verify the reserves held by, ensuring a one-to-one reserve for all customer crypto assets on its platform.

Verification Process:

The steps to verify your funds are straightforward:

  1. Log In: Access your App or Exchange account.
  2. Merkle Leaf: Locate and copy your specific Merkle Leaf.
  3. Auditor’s Page: Go to the designated auditor’s page and paste your Merkle Leaf to validate your funds.

Auditor Information

Mazars Group, an auditing firm, has been involved with to establish the proof of reserves. This collaboration showcases that client assets are fully backed, creating a reliable user trust factor.

The proof-of-reserves audit process is intended to demonstrate accountability and financial stability within the platform, actively strengthening user confidence in the security of their assets.

The availability of this information is essential, especially in a market where transparency is highly valued and demanded by users and regulators alike.

Remember that transparency in the cryptocurrency sphere is not just a courtesy but a requirement for ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment where your assets are adequately safeguarded. Customer Support: provides a support system for any inquiries or issues so that we can assist you promptly and efficiently. Here’s how you can access customer service:

  • Live Chat: Connect with a support agent for real-time assistance.
  • Email: Send your queries to the support team at any time.
  • Help Center: Explore many articles covering FAQs and step-by-step guides for common issues.
  • Video Authentication Process: For security verification, you may be required to submit a video recording. Ensure to mention “security verification for” and provide the current date.
  • Visa Card Support: A dedicated customer service line is available to help with problems related to the Visa Card.
Method Details
Live Chat Access through the app
Email Via’s online contact form
Help Center Visit the Help Center
Visa Support Call the number specified on the card

To ensure your queries are resolved promptly, have relevant information, such as your account details or the nature of your problem, readily available when contacting support.

Is Safe & Available in Australia? 

When trading cryptocurrencies, ensuring that you engage with a legal and safe platform is crucial. has established itself as a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency space and operates within the legal frameworks required for financial service providers.

The platform is committed to adhering to stringent legal standards and is regulated in several jurisdictions.

This commitment to compliance with relevant financial regulations supports the platform’s reputation for providing a secure environment for cryptocurrency trading.

Your safety while using is backed by multiple security measures designed to protect your funds and personal data:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enhances account security by requiring two forms of identification.
  • Cold Storage: Many assets are kept offline, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Strict adherence to global regulatory standards to deter financial malpractices.

The platform undergoes regular updates to its security protocols, ensuring it keeps pace with the evolving landscape of threats in the digital financial world. Industry standards for security are not just met but are often exceeded.

The legal status compliance practices and robust security measures underline the platform’s dedication, ensuring your cryptocurrency trading experience is compliant and secure. takes your safety seriously, providing a platform where you can trade with confidence.


In evaluating’s services, you’ll find a robust platform that caters to a breadth of cryptocurrency needs.

With an expansive suite of over 250 cryptocurrencies, you can trade and invest according to your preferences. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures you can easily navigate the complex crypto market.

When considering your earnings, offers considerable benefits.

The ability to earn interest on various cryptocurrencies enhances your investment potential. Interest rates reaching up to 10% APY on certain assets make it appealing for long-term holding strategies.

Your transactions are secured by advanced security protocols, ensuring that your investments are protected. has established itself as a trusted entity that prioritizes your safety in an ecosystem vulnerable to various security threats.

Regulatory adherence is another cornerstone of’s operations in Australia. While crypto regulation remains a developing area,’s approach suggests it is prepared to stay compliant with evolving financial laws, safeguarding your interests.

Integrating a Visa card into your account provides convenience and rewards for payments and purchases. You benefit from cashback in cryptocurrency on transactions, which could be a bonus to your overall investment journey. stands out as a user-centric platform with a holistic approach to cryptocurrency management and investment that aligns with your needs for a secure, versatile, and rewarding experience.

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