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We have recently released a PR piece to announce the launch of our cryptocurrency services. It was very unfortunate that the press release misstated the service coverage as ‘201 countries’ as opposed to 201 countries and territories. We own and would like to correct this mistake.

We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding. It was never our intention to mislead the public or misrepresent our services and company. We hereby commit to improving our communications system in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again.

Although cryptocurrencies have no boundaries, CoinPip takes compliance seriously. We subscribe to the international sanctions of the EU, OFAC, and UN. Sanctioned countries by the organizations are blocked from our system and strict AML/CFT and KYC processes are in place to ensure compliance. We are actively monitoring the international financial ecosystem for relevant updates and changes impacting our company operations. Due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the world events, our service locations and transfer rules are dynamic and can change frequently at our discretion.

Proudly a Singapore-based company, CoinPip upholds the spirit of Singapore — a country built on integrity and trust. As a company in Singapore, we uphold the same values. We strive to keep empower good business intentions and good business environment; in both, within the organization and with the outside entities we work with. We believe that by keeping an indisputable reputation, we are aligned with Singapore’s essence and persona.

Thank you,

Anson Zeall

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