How the Most Successful Spend the Holidays1

Business people and entrepreneurs are all too familiar with the phrase too much to do, too little time. While most entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out, will opt to work even on holidays, successful people say otherwise. For most, it is smarter to make the most of your time off from work to recharge and cultivate ideas that can make your business grow faster. The amount of time spent at work does not equate to the speed of success in your ventures and they’re out to prove why this is the case.

Danielle LaPorte
A successful author, creativity expert, and a businesswoman. She recommends seeking inspiration in strange places. She utilizes the holidays by taking trips and discovering new things, meeting new people, and enjoying different and even intriguing sights. This rewires and activates the brain to think creatively. Being in a place that is not familiar triggers a different emotion and approach that could pave ways to breakthrough ideas or revelations.

Thomas Jefferson
This former US president was famous for holding dinners just to converse with people. He spends time off work by enjoying laid-back conversations because he knows that a successful person values connections and insights gathered from talking to people in a more personal manner. He also spent the holidays reconnecting with friends and building stronger relationships.

Oprah Winfrey
Spends time in bed with a good book. Reading not only feeds the brain and allows you to unplug It also brings you to a different world minus the worries and burdens of the day. It relaxes the nerves and soothes the spirit. A scientific study conducted by David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castao has proven that reading is also beneficial in connecting with your human emotions and triggers you to be more empathetic by teaching how to read people’s emotions.

Dick Costolo
The former CEO of Twitter knows that investing in yourself is important if you want to be successful. He uses the holidays to take short courses which have helped him gain more knowledge essential to becoming a better leader.

Marianne Elliott
This human rights lawyer spends time off from work doing yoga because she believes that a successful person needs to have a “healthy outlook, a fit body, and a sound mind”. Taking care of your body allows you to do more things and work harder.

Arianna Huffington
The president of Huffington Post believes in the power of a good, ole sleep. Rest is very important because it restores lost energy and refreshes the mind. Getting enough sleep brings a fresher outlook and a brighter perspective. It charges the body and mind to be more productive and alert. “Our creativity, ingenuity, confidence, leadership, and decision-making can all be enhanced simply by getting enough sleep.”

It is interesting to know how people of affluence spend holidays and time off work. So, it is not all work after all. With the help of effective time management and delegation, even the busiest can still enjoy personal time and enjoy the things that are important to him, like family, hobbies, and personal development. After all, money is not the goal, it is only a consequence of success.

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