Advantages of Virtual Teams and Office to Today's Businesses

Work-from-home, freelancing, and virtual offices are rapidly becoming the norm of work, especially for global businesses and tech startups. The innovative working scheme effectively releases employees from the abhorred eight-to-five, five days a week humdrum routine. The number of workers venturing into this method of employment is increasing rapidly and as a result, discovering its advantages.

But, are there advantages for the employer? Will the company benefit from the rather relaxed and groundbreaking work system?

Here are the most common advantages of the virtual office setup;

It is more productive.

A Stanford study shows a 13% increase in productivity for employees working at home because they are given extra hours saved from commuting, unnecessary meetings, and office distractions like small talk and extended lunch breaks.

It offers more flexibility.

You can run your office 24 hours and have your team work on shifts. Some people prefer working at night because it is quiet, and their brain is more productive in quiet surroundings. It is during night time that the children are already asleep, and no pending chores are distracting them from getting the job started and completed. You can also have people working for you on weekends. There are people who prefer working on weekends as there are errands that can only be done on weekdays like sending the kids to school. Flexible work hours give employees more reason to stay and do well in their jobs.

Cost efficient.

Running a virtual office will lessen overhead costs, including the lease, office infrastructure, electricity, computers, and other employee amenities. The amount you save can be used as incentives to generate better performance for your employees. Some companies offer travel allowances to some employees who live far from work and relocation fees to compensate for those who live in farther cities but has the skills fitting for the position the company needs.

Holidays and extreme weather conditions like a blizzard and typhoons force offices to close for a day or more, and this results in idle time and company losses. Working remotely gives the employees the option to still get their tasks completed without having to report to the office.

It is more competitive.

A lot of people consider location when deciding where to work. Most prefer getting a job in areas near their home, especially for working moms to ensure that they are not sacrificing their family’s needs because of the demands of their jobs. Holding virtual offices allow these talents a fair chance of getting the best of both worlds. They can manage the household while working full time.

It boosts the employees’ motivation.

Being in the comfort of your home and out of immediate hazards of daily commute is a great incentive to employees. The setup also allows them more time to be with the people they love and manage their work hours better. These benefits give them the motivation to do well and work harder.

Lower security and health risks.

Since your employees will not be travelling to and from work, there will be less exposure to health hazards like pollution, heavy rain, flood, snow/blizzard, and road accidents and threats. Home workers and freelancers are also less stressed, healthier, and more optimistic.

It helps employees become more resourceful and self-sufficient.

Working on their own encourages employees to be independent and rely on their own skills and initiative to accomplish their tasks. It also allows them to develop their creativity by using available the tools and resources to get the job completed without having to bother their colleagues and is, therefore, disrupting the general productivity and efficiency at work.

Loyalty and retention.

There have been cases with Human Resource personnel in the past where toxic co-workers have become a major reason for employees to leave their job. Bullying does not only happen in school, it happens in the offices too. Having less engagement with co-employees lessens the chance of getting unnecessary office dramas and allows more time for each employee to focus on their own career growth in the company.

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